Air Quality Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I feel poorly at home, and better when I'm away?

Are my pets to blame for my air quality issues?

What traps the bad air in my home?

Does my furnace play a part in clean air?

What is "sick building syndrome"?

What is "the silent killer"?

Why does my home still smell like smoke?

Are my new cabinets causing air quality problems?

How should I deal with fume and vapor emitting products in the home?

Why do my new drapes smell funny? Is this a clean air issue?

What is air pollution?

Don't tall chimneys help reduce air pollution?

Is diesel a less-polluting alternative?

What are ozone action days?

How important is location in choosing a less polluted place to live?

What are the symptoms of sick building syndrome?

Can I report someone who is polluting the air?

What are some causes of indoor air pollution?

How can I learn more about air pollution?

How can I get in touch with a volunteer organization to promote clean air?

How does humidity affect my indoor air quality?

What should I do after a flood to prevent mold?

How quickly should I dry out the flooded areas in my home?

What can I do to control mold in frequently damp areas?

I rent and have mold problems. Help!

How can I use a dehumidifier to fight mold?

How can a dehumidifier help me feel cooler?

Can mold form in the winter?

Can a dehumidifier malfunction and contribute to my mold issues or sick building syndrome?

How can I keep mold out of my dehumidifier?

How do I start a carpool?

How can I plan ahead in order to make my carpool work efficiently?

What is the "Green Guide"

Why does turning off the lights reduce air pollution?

What should I do to help cut air pollution when much light is needed?

What should I check on my car to see if I am polluting the air?

Are there state programs to encourage alternative fuels use?

Where can I find help learning about green vehicles and alternative fuels?

What are "little" ways people can help control air pollution?

What should I know about air pollution when it comes to disposing of ordinary household products?

What are volatile organic compounds?

Where do volatile organic compounds come from?

Is there a way to enhance my air purification system for allergy sufferers?

Can The EPA help with indoor air issues?

Is there a link between pollution and allergies?

What does an ozone action day mean to allergy sufferers?

Does the EPA offer any air pollution resources for schools?

How can I prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in an emergency?

I live in an area with seasonal forest fires. What should I do?

What kind of resources are available when I need an indoor air specialist?

When should I bring in outside help with indoor air quality?

What should I ask before hiring an indoor air quality consultant?

Are you getting complaints about your building?

What is a carbon dioxide test?

What Can A Building Inspection Reveal?

What can be done about temporary air quality issues?

What can I do to improve the indoor air quality in my large building?

What is the air quality index?

What Pollutants Are Measured By The Air Quality Index?

What does temperature have to do with my indoor air problems?

What are the possible effects of second hand smoke in the home?

Can the father's smoking factor in when it comes to healthy conception?

What are the effects of reduced air quality on the job?

What happens when second hand smoke is combined with fumes or other chemicals?

Won't a smoking ban be bad for business?

I'm only exposed to a little second hand smoke. Am I still in danger?

Are there non-cardiovascular side effects from second hand smoke?

We are a nonsmoking family. Can we still be exposed in our home?

Is my teen exposed to second hand smoke in the workplace?

Don't smoking sections help protect air quality in the workplace?

What kind of home air evaluations are available?

What should I consider when shopping for an air filtration system?

Are there any limitations to portable air filters?

Do I really need portable air filters with a "whole-house" system?

What should I tell a central air company rep when considering a new unit?

Should I pay for a company to clean my central air system?

I see mold in my central air vents, grillwork, etc. What should I do?

What is a HEPA vacuum cleaner?

Can I buy a do-it-yourself home air evaulation kit?

I have an older home with cracks in the foundation. Can radon seep in and cause indoor air quality problems?

Why is there weak air flow from my central air vents?

Do I have dirty ducts?

What is the difference between duct sealing and "encapsulation"?

How dirty are my ducts?

Should I do anything before scheduling an air duct cleaning?

Is there a certification body for duct cleaning services?

What do experts say about mold?

Does duct cleaning make major changes to my health?

I've heard rodents in the office central air vents. What should I do?

Should I consider litigation or legal action connected to sick building syndrome?

When should I use a humidifier?

How can I tell if I have too much humidity in the house?

Why don't I notice a difference now that my new humidifier has been installed?

When should I not run my humidifier?

What is a digital hygrometer

Why does my humidifier gurgle?

What should I do about scaling or hard water buildup in my humidifier?

Can low moisture damage my musical equipment?

Is static electricity build-up related to dry air?

What are some of the "hidden benefits" of running a humidifier?

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