Caustics, Solvents, And Other Materials

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How should I deal with fume and vapor emitting products in the home?

Caustics, Solvents, And Other Materials

Electronic air filters, near-perfect filtration systems, and other kinds of air filtration products can be a huge help in improving the air quality in your home, but even with these products there are still things you should do to improve air quality. Running your air cleaner at the recommended speed, duration, and placement for a home of your size should be a major part of your clean air plan; so should proper storage of cleaners, solvents, art supplies, and home improvement materials. Always tightly cap and cover paints, glues, and thinners. You may need to store some kinds of cleaning supplies in plastic bags to prevent spills, leaks, or vapors. Keep all poisons in their approved containers and under lock and key. Never put solvents into plastic or inferior containers; it's best to keep such materials in their original packaging. These steps, combined with air filtration, will go a long way towards easier breathing and a safer home.



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