Location, Location, Location

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How important is location in choosing a less polluted place to live?

Location, Location, Location

Consider this situation: In Chicago, a man complains of constant respiratory trouble. His condition improves when he moves out of the apartment he had been renting next door to an automotive painting facility.
In another example: In Texas, one stretch of highway under construction raised dust, exhaust, and other air pollution to the point where the city skyline could not be seen clearly until leaving that stretch of road.

Depending on where you live, your experiences with air pollution causes may be more intense than others. If you are contemplating a move to a less polluted location, consider a few factors in choosing a new home:

1. Proximity to military bases, factories, and farms.

2. Location near high-traffic areas, or stretches of road which become congested during peak travel times.

3. Location of landfills, recycling centers or garbage dumps.

All of these areas can be sources of pollutants. If you are determined to find a lung-friendly place to live, ask your potential neighbors and local community groups about their feelings on the location. You may still need to operate air purification equipment and be mindful of indoor air pollution, but choosing a better location is an excellent start towards improving the quality of your life with regards to healthy air.



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