Minor Flooding, Dehumidifiers and Mold

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How quickly should I dry out the flooded areas in my home?

Minor Flooding, Dehumidifiers and Mold

A "minor flood" can be anything from an overflowing toilet to an inch of rainwater in your basement area. Even this amount of water can be enough to invite mold growth if the right procedures aren't followed. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends dehumidifying the flooded areas as quickly as possible, 24 hours or earlier after the incident is optimal. Simply letting fresh air circulate in the damp areas may not be enough.

If you don't already own dehumidifiers, you should purchase one or more and allow the wet areas to be completely dried out. When you are remodeling the damaged areas, be sure to add mold inhibitors to any paints used to give added protection.



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