Summer Heat Isn't the Only Cause of Mold

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Can mold form in the winter?

Summer Heat Isn't the Only Cause of Mold

Depending on where and how you live, it may be necessary to operate an air dehumidifier in the wintertime to prevent mold. Summer heat isn't the only problem!

Did you know that when heating your home you could create conditions ripe for mold growth? This is because anytime the temperature controlled air in your home contacts a cooler surface such as pipes in the basement, glass windows, mirrors, and other cool surfaces, condensation can form. The warm air of the home, combined with a buildup of condensation can allow mold to grow in bathroom areas, windowsills, basements, and other vulnerable spots. You can control the relative humidity with home dehumidifier, but also run ceiling fans to help prevent condensation on skylights or roof windows. Shorter showers, cooking with lids on your pots, and cracking open your windows slightly can also help prevent moisture buildup.



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