Dehumidifiers and Large Buildings

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Can a dehumidifier malfunction and contribute to my mold issues or sick building syndrome?

Dehumidifiers and Large Buildings

The American Lung Association recommends the use of dehumidifiers as part of any attempt to remedy sick building syndrome? One important side issue the ALA raises is the importance of routine maintenance on any air control device including the Whirlpool dehumidifiers (or other brands) as part of any aggressive prevention program with regard to sick building syndrome.

When doing your routine maintenance, it's important to check the drainage systems for HVAC and central air systems, as well as dehumidifiers. Should drains become blocked or if drain hoses become bent or kinked, this may cause overflow back into the building, creating the same conditions ripe for mold infestation and other problems. If you purchased new equipment to assist in your efforts to fight sick building syndrome, be sure to ask if routine maintenance by a company rep is included in your warranty.



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