The Necessity of Light

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What should I do to help cut air pollution when much light is needed?

The Necessity of Light

If you are concerned with air pollution prevention, but find yourself needing to use a lot of light in your work or at home, consider the use of "low energy" light bulbs. These are bulbs that still put out high amounts of light with very low electricity use. If you need the brightness of a 90-watt bulb, low energy bulbs can do the job using only 18 watts. This is one of the best solutions you can buy in order to do your part to control air pollution. Did you know that even television professionals now have lower wattage bulbs that can be used in place of those wasteful and over-hot studio lights? These bulbs, often known as "Cool Lux" lights, operate with much lower electricity demands. Everybody can pitch in to reduce electricity use and participate in air pollution prevention.



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