Air Pollution Controls? Check Under The Hood of Your Car

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What should I check on my car to see if I am polluting the air?

Air Pollution Controls? Check Under The Hood of Your Car

All vehicles in the United States are required to have catalytic converters installed in their vehicles; one of the best solutions for the problem of vehicle emissions at the time the law was passed. The problem is, catalytic converters wear out like any other part on your car. When they start to go bad, your car's emissions are likely to increase, and before you know it you are no longer part of the air pollution solution, you're part of the problem. Many states do not require emissions testing, but if you suspect you are coming up on a maintenance period for your car or truck, have the emissions tested if facilities are available. What you discover may surprise you. Those interested in air pollution prevention should have their emissions checked when other routine maintenance happens. Tune-ups, brake checks, and other muffler replacements are all good times to see just how much a part of the problem you could be.



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