Green Driving For Businesses

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Are there state programs to encourage alternative fuels use?

Green Driving For Businesses

Did you know that some states have "Green Fleet" programs, which offer rebates for purchase and use of an alternate fuels vehicle? This is yet another great air pollution solution that not only improves the quality of the air, but also saves you money. Many alternative fuels such as bio-diesel are much lower in emissions, which results in fewer particles and vapors being discharged into the air. In other words, easier on the environment.

The Illinois Green Fleets program is an excellent example. You can get one of three rebates for corporate, organizational, and even individual use. Participants can choose one of three rebates;

1. A rebate for the purchase of an alternative fuels vehicle.

2. A rebate for conversion to an alternative fuels vehicle.

3. A rebate for the "incremental cost of using alternative fuels".

This could be the best solution for those who want to help control air pollution, but may be operating with controlled funds, or a budget. Consider your next car purchase carefully, and check into your state's Green Fleet program to see what benefits it may offer you!



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