Want to Control Air Pollution? Start at Home

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What are "little" ways people can help control air pollution?

Want to Control Air Pollution? Start at Home

Controlling air pollution isn't just about picking the best solution and doing nothing else. There are many little things people can do every day to reduce gasoline or electricity use, which reduces the need to consume more fossil fuels:

1. Microwave meals instead of cooking with a gas stove.

2. Hanging laundry up to dry instead of using a gas or electric dryer.

3. Avoid burning wood, leaves, trash, and charcoal during ozone action days.

4. Using public transportation for short local trips.

5. Raking leaves rather than using gas-powered leaf blowers.

6. Reducing dependence on central air conditioning with fans and open windows when possible.

7. Avoid running your car's engine during traffic jams and train crossings.

In order to better control air pollution, even the simple little things listed here can go a long way if enough people do them regularly.



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