Air Pollution Awareness

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What should I know about air pollution when it comes to disposing of ordinary household products?

Air Pollution Awareness

It's easy to forget about the connection that ordinary household items and appliances have with air pollution, but it's very important to remember a few things when it comes to proper disposal of some things around the home:

1. Older refrigerators may contain the now-heavily regulated refrigerant Freon. Don't dispose of an old fridge without learning how you can safely handle this controversial refrigerant.

2. Most states have strict requirements regarding the disposal of tires and motor oil. Burning is usually not permitted except in cases where special permits are obtained.

3. Old aerosol cans may have air pollutants in them. Check with your local recycling center to learn how to safely dispose of old spray paint, canned air, hair spray, and other items.

4. Plastics emit Dioxin and poisonous gases when burned. If you are planning any kind of trash burn (with local permits in place, of course) keep any and all plastics out of the fire.

There are many regulations governing the proper disposal or destruction of these items in some circumstances. Check with your local recycling center or other responsible agency to learn what the best method of disposal is for these potentially polluting products!



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i really like these tips alot they help the enviorment.thank you good day....


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