Not-So-Obvious Pollution Sources

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What are volatile organic compounds?

Not-So-Obvious Pollution Sources

Air pollution consists of air particles, and chemical vapors that can be damaging to your health. There are obvious health dangers from vehicle exhaust, carbon monoxide sources, and radon. But what about less obvious health dangers from pollutants that aren't as visible or well known?

One such type of pollution is called volatile organic compounds; chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. These can include chloride, benzene, and toluene. Sources of these compounds include caulks, photocopies, vinyl flooring, air fresheners, and more. If you experience any of the common acute symptoms of pollution irritation in your home or office, you may be experiencing the effects of volatile organic compounds. Health authorities recommend immediate ventilation, air purification, and identification of the source of the problem. If you can't track down the source, you may need to enlist the services of an indoor air specialist to help.



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