Enhance the Effects of Your Allergy Air Filter

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Is there a way to enhance my air purification system for allergy sufferers?

Enhance the Effects of Your Allergy Air Filter

Pollutants aren't the only irritants in the air. Many allergy sufferers buy allergy air filters knowing that with the right air purification system, they can get allergy relief and improved health thanks to the cleaner air provided. Did you know there are additional measures that can enhance the function of air purifier when it comes to allergy relief?

One important way to enhance the effects of your allergy relief air purifier is by lowering the temperature in sleeping areas to between 68 and 72 degrees. According to allergy relief experts, these temperatures promote better sleep for those who struggle with allergic reactions. For those allergic to pet dander, keep the pets out of sleeping rooms, and don't allow them to sleep in the same bed with someone with pet allergies.



11/2/2007 8:46:02 AM

As an allergy sufferer I can verify that keep the space you are in down to 69 degrees helps tremendously. I will reference this on my site.


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