Ozone Action Days Mean Bad Allergies

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What does an ozone action day mean to allergy sufferers?

Ozone Action Days Mean Bad Allergies

If you live in a city where ozone action days are a way of life, you will need to pay very close attention to ozone alerts if you suffer from allergies. You may get allergy relief in the home from your allergy air purifier, but did you know that outdoor exercise, yard work or other prolonged exposure to outdoor air during ozone action days will increase your allergy symptoms?

In the case of Ozone Action Days, particle control in the home has little to do with what the ozone does to you outdoors. You may have pure air circulating indoors, but outdoor ozone exposure immediately worsens allergy symptoms. In fact, ozone exposure can cause chronic respiratory inflammation in allergy sufferers within 24 hours. Pay close attention to those reports of ozone action days. Your health depends on it!



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