Getting Complaints About Indoor Air Quality?

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Are you getting complaints about your building?

Getting Complaints About Indoor Air Quality?

If you are getting indoor air quality complaints in your role as a building owner, property manager, maintenance supervisor, or other responsible party, there are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Have you had an HVAC or central air system expert evaluate the building's system recently? What were the results? Is work pending or needing to be scheduled?

2. Has anyone in the building seen a doctor about symptoms related to indoor air quality complaints? What were the results?

3. What complicating factors are at work? Is there remodeling, new carpet, or another situation that could be contributing to the problem?

Ask questions of tenants, employees, and contractors, and evaluate the situation. Doing nothing leaves you open to litigation and potential liability. Taking an active role in finding the problem will go a long way toward building trust and establishing a healthier environment to live and work.



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