High Heat and Indoor Air Quality

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What does temperature have to do with my indoor air problems?

High Heat and Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that summer weather can affect your indoor air quality? Heat increases chemical reactions in many cases, doubling those reactions for every 18-degree increase in temperature. If you have new carpets, certain kinds of untreated woods, or new tile flooring, an increase in temperature may also bring increase the fumes associated with these new products. If you are considering indoor air testing to find the source of your air quality problems, you may be able to identify at least part of your problem if you have areas where climate control is not applied 24 hours a day, or where it may be disabled to accommodate remodeling, repairs, or other maintenance work. If your air quality problems are located around high-heat areas such as industrial kitchens, kiln ovens, glass workshop furnaces and etc, you should identify these areas for additional climate control where possible, and increase air ventilation to help dissipate fumes and bring a literal breath of fresh air.



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