Second Hand Smoke and Your Health

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What are the possible effects of second hand smoke in the home?

Second Hand Smoke and Your Health

Did you know that second hand smoke, also known as environmental smoke, is classified by the EPA as a known carcinogen? The American Lung Association reports as many as three thousand lung cancer deaths per year associated with second hand smoke. These deaths are for non-smokers, and the statistics for coronary deaths are even more startling; a whopping 25 percent increase in the likelihood of coronary disease for those exposed to second hand smoke as opposed to those who breath Healthy Air.

If you are dealing with the physical effects of second hand smoke in the home, it is very important to minimize your expose to second hand smoke through air purification devices and other solutions that can help reduce odors and chemicals in household air. The sooner you get air purification devices installed in the areas where you encounter second hand smoke, the better.



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