I'm A Nonsmoker. Do I Need Air Purifiers?

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We are a nonsmoking family. Can we still be exposed in our home?

I'm A Nonsmoker. Do I Need Air Purifiers?

You and your family may have healthy air in your living space, but those who live in apartment buildings may be susceptible to second hand smoke from neighbors. Many apartment complexes still offer apartments that allow smoking, which means you can still be exposed to the Odor and Chemicals from second hand smoke.

If you find you have no recourse under the law to second hand smoke exposure in your apartment building, you will need to be proactive in your efforts to preserve healthy air. Air cleaners, HEPA filtration, and other measures may be a very important part of reducing the effects of second hand smoke on your family. In the end, you may want to locate a smoke-free apartment building, but until your lease runs out, you may be stuck dealing with smoke.



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