Evaluating the Air in Your Home

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What kind of home air evaluations are available?

Evaluating the Air in Your Home

When it comes to home air evaluation, there are different types of evaluations available on the market. One kind of inspection, often known as an "Energy Star Evaluation", rates your home on air leaks and other efficiency problems with a heating and cooling system. Another inspection is a mold evaluation. Unfortunately there may not be a large resource pool of air filtration experts in your area who can provide similar services for hire, but there is help available from people in the heating and air conditioning business. These experts can recommend home air filtration systems or accessories that can be added in a new or existing central air conditioning systems.

If you feel the air in your home needs to be filtered and you are considering replacing your old central air and heat, don't hesitate to ask your dealer about home air filter options to go with a new system. The advice they offer may surprise you.



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