Home Air Quality and Routine Maintenance

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Should I pay for a company to clean my central air system?

Home Air Quality and Routine Maintenance

Portable home air filters, add-on devices to your central air system, and the central air system itself all must be given maintenance and cleaning to work properly. When was the last time you had your central air conditioning unit cleaned? A dirty system can be a major contributor to poor air quality in the home. Fortunately there are companies that specialize in cleaning central air units, and you can schedule an appointment with a company in your area. When setting up the appointment, consider the age of your central air unit. How long has it been controlling your air, and how long since it was last cleaned? You may need to get a full-service cleaning if the system is old, or hasn't been properly maintained. While standard service is more inexpensive, full service jobs will insure that your system is truly clean.



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