Air Filtration in an Unexpected Place

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What is a HEPA vacuum cleaner?

Air Filtration in an Unexpected Place

If you have home air quality concerns, it's important to have the right home air filtration in the right places. Many central air conditioning companies recommend special filters for furnaces, central air systems, and the like; did you know there are also special HEPA-type filters for vacuum cleaners? If you have problems with dust, allergens, or other particle issues, home air filtration should be supplemented by frequent vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum that is properly sealed. This prevents particles from being stirred back into the air you are breathing as you clean your home. You can Google the phrase "HEPA vacuum cleaner" to get a good start on learning more about HEPA vacuums. Customizing your air includes the right kind of housekeeping products!



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