How Dirty Are My Ducts, Really?

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How dirty are my ducts?

How Dirty Are My Ducts, Really?

If you are unsure about the cleanliness of your air system in the home or office, sometimes the best thing to do is remove the vent and have a look inside. If you notice dirt buildup on the vents or grillwork of your central air system, unscrew the grill, clean it, and have a look down the vent shaft with a flashlight.

You may be surprised to learn that what is coating your vents is "cosmetic dirt" which doesn't necessarily indicate a dirty central air system, but rather the usual accumulation of particles which gather over time. If you see blowing particles, this is a cause for concern, but if you inspect the ducts while cleaning your vent grillwork, you don't need to pay for a cleaning if you see nothing beyond the dirt you clean of the grill.



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