Before You Spend A Dime On Duct Cleaning...

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Is there a certification body for duct cleaning services?

Before You Spend A Dime On Duct Cleaning...

Did you know there is a national association that oversees duct-cleaning services? The National Air Duct Cleaners Association began in 1989. It is a non-profit association of companies involved with cleaning of central air systems. Part of the mission of this organization is to establish standards for the task at hand, a very important thing to have, especially in a society where the lawsuit is a way a of life.

There is a certification process required of any company before it can be associated with the NADCA. It is not overly complex, but the group does have standards. The official website ( lists members and lets the consumer search for a certified company in the potential client's area. If you are considering using a duct cleaning service, you would do well to stick with a certified member of such an organization. If you develop a grievance of some kind with the cleaning company, you have greater recourse and an avenue to get your complaints heard, and you hire a company known to be held to specific standards and expectations of professionalism.



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