Health Claims and Duct Cleaning

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Does duct cleaning make major changes to my health?

Health Claims and Duct Cleaning

It's true that cleaning out your HVAC or central air system can improve air circulation and safeguard your health in cases of blowing particles, mold growth, and related issues. What isn't so true is that cleaning your ducts can give you massive, sweeping changes to your health. Both the EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association warn consumers to beware any company that makes sweeping health claims over a simple cleaning of your ducts. There are plenty of examples of how cleaning your system can benefit your health; curbing obvious mold growth, blowing particles, allergens which may get blown through the system, and other issues all can affect some people more negatively than others. Compare the claims of competing duct-cleaning services and hire the company that seems to have the most common sense.



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