Sick Building Syndrome and Litigation

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Should I consider litigation or legal action connected to sick building syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome and Litigation

If you are considering legal action based on health issues related to sick building syndrome, there are some things you should consider before bringing the lawyers in:

1. See if you can convince the building owner, supervisor, or other responsible party to hire an inspector to independently test the air quality in the building;

2. Request maintenance on ventilation systems, and all related equipment;

3. Take photographs of mold infestations, broken or compromised HVAC or central air units;

4. See if your nearest branch of a governmental agency can step in to conduct testing, provide remediation, or other possible assistance;

5. Inquire if a change of venue or buildings is in the works, or is possible based on the "sick building" situation.

You may discover that a happy medium can be reached, but if not, you will need to carefully document all requests for help, repairs, and investigation of your sick building complaints. Assemble the most complete report possible before moving on to the next step.



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