Should I Run My Humidifier in the Summer?

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When should I not run my humidifier?

Should I Run My Humidifier in the Summer?

Most parts of the country will have higher humidity in the summer, and it is a bad idea to operate humidifiers during this time. The excess moisture generated can lead to mold growth, excessive water condensation, warping woods or tile, and other problems. It is also a bad idea to run a humidifier in the wintertime in any potentially freezing place in the house such as an attic. You risk doing serious water damage to your home in such cases. When the seasons begin to change again, and you wonder if there is enough moisture in the air, you can check the hygrometer or Internet sites such as the National Weather Service ( for local readings. Don't be taken by surprise by low humidity! There are plenty of resources to tell you when you should break out the humidifier once more to insure enough moisture in the air.



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