Some Facts About Humidity Levels and Your Humidifier

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What are some of the "hidden benefits" of running a humidifier?

Some Facts About Humidity Levels and Your Humidifier

Your humidifier can offer many benefits that aren't as obvious as the cure for dry throat, sinus irritation, and other symptoms of air that is too dry. Here are some of the benefits:

1. When your humidifier returns your home to recommended humidity levels, Staph and Strep bacteria die off up to 20 times faster than in air that is too moist or too dry.

2. A 10 percent improvement in relative humidity is equal to a one-degree change in temperature. If your home starts off at only seven percent humidity and changes to a more comfortable 47 percent, it will feel as if the temperature has increased by four degrees.

3. Potted plants thrive much better at the recommended humidity levels your humidifier will bring to your home.

4. Adequate humidity prevents damage to expensive hardwood flooring that can be permanently warped in air that is too dry.

There are many benefits to running a humidifier at the recommended settings. Too-dry air is a disadvantage you simply do not need to deal with in the wintertime, thanks to humidifier technology.



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