Are My Pets to Blame For My Air Quality Issues?

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Are my pets to blame for my air quality issues?

Are My Pets to Blame For My Air Quality Issues?

Often times, the culprits for allergy symptoms can be found near the cat bowl or dog dish. Many people don't realize they have allergy problems related to pet dander. These allergy issues can lead to difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, runny noses, and many other symptoms.

Some people will assume that the cat, dog, or bird will have to go because of the allergens. Don't be hasty in such a decision. You may discover your allergies are mild, and treatable with a High-Efficiency Filtration system for your air. You can also use additional measures including keeping your pet out of sleeping areas, frequent pet baths to reduce dander, and other measures.

Pet dander can be irritating, it's true; with the right Air Cleaner, you can enjoy your pets and maintain healthy air in the home.



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