Don't Overwork Your Air Cleaner

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Does my furnace play a part in clean air?

Don't Overwork Your Air Cleaner

Air filtration products are a huge help in the home, but you may be overtaxing them by not using the right filters in your furnace. Did you know your furnace filters may help reduce the amount of allergens and dander in the air? If your furnace uses replaceable filters, buy the filter with the highest efficiency rating allowed for your furnace system. Fiberglass filters may not be doing the trick. Instead, look for a product described as an allergen filter, or one that has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value higher than ten.

Your air cleaner will do an excellent job purifying the air in your home, but you can make these systems last longer, and run with fewer filter changes simply by upgrading your existing replaceable furnace filter. When it comes to healthy air, it pays to get the most out of all your appliances.



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