Anti-Air Pollution Efforts

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Don't tall chimneys help reduce air pollution?

Anti-Air Pollution Efforts

Some locales across the country have initiated "tall chimney" acts in an effort to help clean the environment in your area. These acts are passed by state or federal governments with the basic notion is that a taller chimney will prevent buildup of noxious fumes or smoke over the urban area. It's been determined, however, that it takes more than a tall chimney to reduce air pollution.

If you want to get involved in fighting anti-air pollution and protecting the environment, educate yourself first on the common causes and resolutions of air pollution. A simple Internet search will yield thousands of results that offer statistics and research on air pollution campaigns and awareness programs. If you want to get involved with your state and/or local government, search for grassroots organizations in your area and find ways to get involved.



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