Ozone Action Days

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What are ozone action days?

Ozone Action Days

Some cities across nation including Chicago, St. Louis, and Little Rock, have instituted Ozone Action Days, whereby citizens, businesses, government municipalities, and health and environmental organizations are asked to take part in reducing ozone forming emission. Here are some tips for helping during this day:

1. During ozone action days citizens are asked to reduce emissions and limit their exposure to ozone if allergy or pollutant sensitive. Take special care during these times and operate your air cleaning system at an increased rate, if possible.

2. Avoid filling gas tanks, burning wood stoves, mowing lawns and other activities that not only increase the air pollution level, but also will aggravate any irritation to you lungs on such days.

Ozone action days won't end the causes of pollution, but they do raise the awareness level with the public. If you live in an area with frequent Ozone Action days, consider writing to your elected officials to let them know you support additional clean air initiatives and that you want additional local air pollution information shared with the public.



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