Dehumidifiers and Air Temperature

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How can a dehumidifier help me feel cooler?

Dehumidifiers and Air Temperature

Humidity doesn't just contribute to mold growth, it also adds to your discomfort level in the summer time. Many people have learned by accident that a dehumidifier can make 80-degree temperatures feel much cooler simply by removing "oppressive" moisture in the air.

Fortunately, the comfort level setting you'll need to make heat more bearable in the summer months is in the same zone as the humidity levels needed to prevent mold growth. If you keep the home humidity at 50 percent or lower, you will find high heat much less uncomfortable. An air dehumidifier is perfect for those who don't have central air. In other areas where central air is a way of life, you may be just as much in need of the benefits of a dehumidifier because of very humidity in these areas during the summer.



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