Helping Control Air Pollution With Your Next Vehicle Purchase

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What is the "Green Guide"

Helping Control Air Pollution With Your Next Vehicle Purchase

Your next choice in vehicles could make a big difference in the amount of air pollution you contribute to the problem. The best solution to worries about what kind of vehicle to buy might come from a handy publication put out by the Environmental Protection Agency. The "Green Guide" is designed to help consumers buy the best vehicle when it comes to air pollution prevention.

If you are in the market for a new car or truck, check out the EPA's site for models in your price range. Remember, when using this guide the only factor taken into account is the environmental impact when the vehicle is actually used. No information on the recycle ability of the vehicle or other environmental impact is listed. That said, the Green Vehicle guide is quite valuable as an air pollution prevention tool.

Did you know the Toyota Prius has the best environmental rating for 2006? The worst rated vehicle maker according to the guide is Lamborghini, with one model getting a pathetic nine miles to the gallon.



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