Forest Fires and Air Pollution

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I live in an area with seasonal forest fires. What should I do?

Forest Fires and Air Pollution

Experts say that air pollution can increase allergy symptoms. Those who live in areas stricken by forest fires know the issues of particle control and air purification all to well. California, Montana, Colorado, and many other areas are regularly affected by the air pollution caused by burning forests.

If you live in an area affected by seasonal fires, consider the purchase of an allergy air filter and other particle control equipment to keep your air quality as good as possible. In situations like these air cleaners that use ionization to trap air particles and dust are ideal, as are models that have multiple stage filters to trap particles.

The CDC recommends remaining indoors with the air conditioning on as much as possible when dealing with contaminated air from forest fire conditions. The indoor particle control gained by operating an air purifier can offer much additional comfort.



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