Got Air Quality Problems? Specialists Are Standing By

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What kind of resources are available when I need an indoor air specialist?

Got Air Quality Problems? Specialists Are Standing By

Did you know that indoor air specialists are standing by to help? One of the best-known sources for such help is the Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-438-4318. As helpful as this hotline is, it is not the only source of assistance. You can get plenty of excellent information on how air pollution affects your asthma and allergies through the Allergy and Asthma Network, at That hotline number is 1-800-878-4403. You can also get in touch with the American Lung Association
at 1-800-586-4872 to learn about the physical consequences of overexposure to air pollution.

Sometimes the free advice isn't quite enough, and you'll want the assistance of a trained indoor air specialist. In cases like these, don't operate in the dark! Get started in the right direction by checking with the Indoor Air Quality Association. This site offers excellent consumer advice on what to look for when hiring such an expert to assist you. Did you know that a reputable indoor air specialist should not only be able to furnish you with references, but also certificates of insurance & licenses? It's true; there is a certification body for these experts, the American Indoor Air Quality Council. When you need expert advice, there are plenty of places to turn. The first step is making the call.



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