Temporary Indoor Air Quality Issues

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What can be done about temporary air quality issues?

Temporary Indoor Air Quality Issues

You may be able to fix or work around some indoor air quality issues depending on the severity of the problem. Your discovery of a blocked vent in the building may coincide with complaints of other air quality problems from short-term remodeling or painting projects, new carpet installation, and other situations.

If you are able to fix a circulation problem, you can go a step further to improve air quality during any remodeling, repainting, or other building improvement phases by simply rescheduling the work to be done at off-peak hours, so that the minimum number of people are affected. You should also allow time for the building to be ventilated with fresh outside air before employees or residents being coming in during high-traffic times. Always warn tenants and employees in advance before such work is to be done. This allows sensitive individuals to make plans accordingly to purchase portable air filters, schedule time off, or other measures that may help them cope.



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