How Can I Insure Proper Ventilation and Avoid Sick Building Syndrome?

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What can I do to improve the indoor air quality in my large building?

How Can I Insure Proper Ventilation and Avoid Sick Building Syndrome?

There are many ways to improve the air flow in a large building. If you are the building manager or in a position of responsibility where indoor air quality is a concern, consider the following:

1. Installation of ceiling fans to circulate fresh air and dissipate fumes.

2. A complete inspection of your HVAC or central air system for blockages.

3. A check of all vents to insure that dampers are open.

4. A check to see if your system needs re-balancing in order to restore even air flow to all areas.

5. A look behind cabinets, desks, partitions and other possible obstructions to vents and air shafts.

6. Installation of air cleaners, whether "in-system" or portable.

7. Begin a regular indoor air quality inspection and reporting program where employees, tenants, or other affected people can report any changes in the quality of the air.

All of these areas can contribute to a much better breathing environment. Sometimes the opening of a single blocked or closed vent is enough to drastically improve air quality.



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