Air Quality at Home and Aging Houses

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I have an older home with cracks in the foundation. Can radon seep in and cause indoor air quality problems?

Air Quality at Home and Aging Houses

If you own or rent an older home, some of your indoor air quality issues could be the result of problems connected to radon gas. Older homes often have cracks in their foundations, and where radon is present, these cracks allow the cancer-causing radon to seep into homes. If you suspect you have cracks in your foundation, it's very important to begin customizing your air, but you should also have your home tested for radon and begin seeking expert help to fix the problem. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and is a very serious problem. If you are in an older home, you should have your foundation checked for cracks, and if any are found, get the dwelling tested for radon as soon as possible.



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