What Do the Indoor Air Experts Say About Mold?

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What do experts say about mold?

What Do the Indoor Air Experts Say About Mold?

Ask any indoor air expert about mold in your central air system and they will say the same thing; mold is hazardous to your health and should be dealt with immediately. There is just one problem. Some of the buildup in vents, ductwork, and vent grills may look like mold, but is actually not! There is only one real way to tell whether the sample is actually mold; pay for a lab to test the sample and report the results. Did you know that some labs will do this for under $70? You can have this test done before paying for an expensive mold treatment. If you aren't sure, get a sample tested and hire a duct-cleaning service after you are certain what you have in your vents is actually mold or not!



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