Sick Building Syndrome and Pests

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I've heard rodents in the office central air vents. What should I do?

Sick Building Syndrome and Pests

Sick building syndrome is due in part to the nature of a "sealed" office or other building--one that is constructed with serious skimping on air circulation and ventilation. These buildings trap allergens, toxic fumes, chemicals and other health damaging particles. The EPA recommends a serious look at the "health" of any air circulation system in such a building. Is it too dirty? Leaky? An inadequate HVAC or central air system in a sealed or sick building only aggravates the indoor air quality issues. One particular problem? Rodent contamination. If you detect animal infestation of air vents, ductwork or any other part of the HVAC or central air system, you should complain immediately and request a cleaning of the central air system. Animal feces are most likely contaminating your air circulation system. This can be a serious health hazard and should be addressed as soon as possible.



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